English Free Tour

Finally in English our more revolutionary Tour. Pay-what-you-wish after the tour. You may enjoy Toledo for whatever price you like

Our licensed local guides lead this tour at no upfront costs. You get to determine what a tour was worth after it: your tour guide must strive to give his or her best.

We dream of accessible culture to everyone and we believe in sharing knowledge and experiences. But we realize not all budgets are equal.

The tour.

This is a complete guided tour, like others worth 15€ or more. From Zocodover to the Jewry along the key neighbourghoods and monuments of the old historic city. Its History, legends and main protagonists. A complete introduction to the City of Three Cultures.

* Tours run with a minimum of 5 guests, as the guides are working on a tips-alone basis. Maximum of 30 people per group.


Whatever price you like, even free, according to your satisfaction and budget.

* Only one exception: if you are a group of more than 5 people, we please ask for a minimum tip of 5€/person.




Everyday at 11:00 am.

Meeting point.

Zocodover Square, 10 minutes before. Please make sure to be on time for the tour departure, this tour is usually sold out. Your place might be given to others in case you’re late.


You can just drop by the meeting point 10 minutes before the tour begins (though the tour might be sold out). We always carry a yellow umbrella.

Or you can fill the form, call (+34)-608935856, e-mail at cuentametoledo@gmail.com or say hi at our office at Bajada del Corral de Don Diego, 5.

Why Free Tour.

We are from Toledo. We’ve thoroughly investigated our beloved city for years. We love Toledo, and we’d love Toledo to be modern and grow. We aim to transmit all of it, rigorously and in an affordable manner, to everyone interested.

Our guides share their passion for Toledo. In return, they get from you a voluntary contribution, according to your satisfaction and budget.

We provide a platform for this concept for the very first time in Toledo, like others do (successfully) in New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid or Barcelona.


We’ve never cancelled a tour.
If you need to cancel, just write or call us even same day of the tour.



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